The Dead Inside - the multiple award winning ghost possession musical
is currently travelling around the country on the film festival circuit.


Recent Review of Sarah's performance in The Dead Inside :
"...a quite remarkable performance. Betz puts a tremendous amount of this movie on her back,
and she bears all of those burdens more or less perfectly. It would be giving away too much to
say just exactly what she does; suffice it to say that her work makes it easy to take DustinFasching
for granted, and all he's doing is playing a double role and serving as the audience's anchor for
the second half of the movie, selling us on something that we certainly wouldn't have believed in at
the beginning of the film. And that's not getting into how well they work together; they make for a
funny or interesting pair no matter what permutation the audience is looking at." - EFilmCritic

LO, a comedic love story... with demons, by Travis Betz winner of the Audience Award at Shriekfest 2009 is now available everywhere on DVD including Netflix instant streaming.

Psychic Junkie
the motion picture is currently in development. Stay tuned...

Reviews of Sarah's performance in Mad Cowgirl

Sarah Lassez wins Best Actress at The Phantom's Annual "B"Wards 2007
Best Performance Award at Silverlake Film Festival for Mad Cowgirl

"Sarah Lassez...can claim stardom with this whirling dervish of a performance."
– Film Threat

"Lassez delivers a fearlessly compelling performance;  she's alternately strong,
troubled, scared, sensuous and childlike, and always out of her pretty li'l head."

"Sarah Lassez, was a real joy to watch as Therese. I would almost say that she’s very
similar to the character of Therese, because of how much reality she brought to the role,
but I’m guessing that as an actress, she’s just that good."

-The Butcher for Killer Reviews

"An absolutely riveting performance by lead Sarah Lassez
who displays an astonishing range of emotion and creates a character
like nothing I’ve ever seen on film before. "
- Twitch

"Lassez really knocks her role out of the park with a great performance.
A better looking version (in my opinion) of Julia Roberts."

-Movie Patron

“Lassez turns in a Indie Spirit Award-worthy work in this intense,
highly original meditation on meat, madness, mortality, mating and martial arts.”

The Phantom- Videoscope Magazine

“The film is anchored by the brilliant and sexy central performance
of Sarah Lassez, delivering a fearless piece of acting ”

– Bloody Disgusting

“The mesmerizing Sarah Lassez stars as Therese"

– Wweek

“Sarah Lassez is simply marvelous "
–Blog Critics Magazine

“Lassez's charming us a reason to watch.”

– Nerve

"Lassez does an exceptional job."
-Pop Syndicate

“This is pretty much Lassez's movie - she imbues Therese with a perverted charm.”
– New York Post

"Sarah Lassez is captivating."
-Joe Horror

“If there is a winner, however, it’s undoubtedly Gregory Hatanaka’s “Mad Cowgirl.”
The button-cute Sarah Lassez stars as Therese”

– San Francisco Examiner

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